DiscoverInspired Indigo: The Sustainable, Elegant & Handmade Wine Tasting Journals

Inspired Indigo: The Sustainable, Elegant & Handmade Wine Tasting Journals

For wine connoisseurs, tasting isn’t just about enjoying a beverage; it’s an intricate practice of analyzing flavors, aromas, and memories in each bottle. Wine journals and tasting notebooks are extremely prevalent in today’s wine world, but how do you choose which journal to use? In this article, we’ll talk about one of my favorite wine journals by Inspired Indigo, a small business specializing in beautifully hand-crafted artisanal items. These handmade wine journals are not only essential accessories for wine enthusiasts but can also be meaningful, personalized gifts that make every wine experience better. 

So, What Makes These Wine Journals Unique?

For starters, each journal is hand-crafted and blends functionality with its elegant design. One of my favorite aspects is the feel of the wood finished covers made from either walnut or maple. Adding to the uniqueness, the binding is constructed from a sustainable cork fabric, ensuring both durability and a distinctive finish. You can also personalize these journals by engraving names on the front cover, making them even more special. 

While the journals are aesthetically pleasing on the outside, inside is where they truly shine. As a sommelier, I taste a lot of wines and need to look back at my notes when studying. However, I often I find that tasting journals don’t have enough pages. Something that really distinguishes these journals from other brands is the fact that they have no page limit! When initially ordered, they contain 40 double-sided tasting pages. These can be easily refilled for extended use. So, instead of buying a whole new journal, you can keep the same one, and just add more to it. 

The Inspiration Behind the Grapevines Hardwood Wine Journal

When I talked with Nicole Wilson, the owner of Inspired Indigo, I learned about her journey and the inspiration behind these beautiful wooden journals. “I started Inspired Indigo in 2004, initially making high-end invitations from metal and wood,” Nicole shared. However, the 2020 pandemic halted events, prompting her to pivot towards creating gifts and home decor. Utilizing her laser cutter, she ventured into new creations like wall art, journals, and jewelry.

Nicole credits her father for the idea of the wine journal. “When I was testing products during Covid, I made a few journal prototypes, and my dad suggested a wine journal. I made the very first one for him!,” she explained. This simple suggestion blossomed into the stunning wine journals now offered, each reflecting an unique and elegant design.

How It’s Made

Nicole describes her meticulous process, “Making the journals is truly a labor of love for me! Each journal requires a 2-3 day process from start to finish. It begins with selecting the perfect piece of walnut or maple wood for the covers.” After Nicole cuts the covers with a laser, she sands them by hand to a luxuriously smooth finish and treats them with an all-natural, environmentally friendly oil then lets them dry for at least a day. 

Nicole continues: “Once they are dry, I attach the covers to the binding using rivets, which ensures a firm, long-term hold. I (then) attach the 6-ring binding mechanism, insert the pages, and carefully package each journal in a luxurious velvet pouch for safe shipping and storage. All of these little touches give the journals an exceptional feel in your hands.”

Inspired Indigo on Sustainability

Owner Nicole is deeply committed to sustainability. “Sustainability is immensely important to me, both personally and professionally,” she says. “All of the wood I use is FSC certified, and the finishing oil I use on the wood is an all natural, environmentally friendly oil.” 

She also uses cork fabric as a sustainable element for the bindings of her wine journals. On a trip to Portugal, she discovered that cork is extremely versatile in terms of strength, renewability, and it also, of course, fits with the wine theme! For her it was an obvious choice. Nicole continues: “I order the cork binding directly from a Portuguese manufacturer, who creates and cuts it to my specifications. I base every material decision on both durability and sustainability.”

Gifts, Versatility, and Personal Touch

Inspired Indigo understands the unique needs of each wine lover, offering customizable journals that make perfect gifts for various occasions. The journals’ versatility extends beyond personal use; they can also serve as guest books in vineyards, wine bars, or even weddings, adding a sophisticated touch.

The Community and Cultural Impact

The Grapevines Hardwood Wine Journal is cherished not only by individual wine enthusiasts but also by professional sommeliers (like myself), wine educators, and boutique vineyard owners. It’s more than just a tool for recording tasting notes; it fosters a deeper connection with the tasting experience, making it a valuable educational and leisure accessory.

As people increasingly seek meaningful interactions with their hobbies and interests, Inspired Indigo’s journals stand out as a perfect tool for anyone passionate about wine.



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