DiscoverTexas Hill Country AVA: Outside Austin, TX

Texas Hill Country AVA: Outside Austin, TX

As spring blossoms, it’s time to explore the flourishing vineyards in the picturesque landscapes of Texas Hill Country AVA. Located just a stone’s throw from Austin this region in the USA offers a diverse array of wineries that beckon wine enthusiasts and casual sippers alike. 

A Quick History of Texas Hill Country AVA

The Texas Hill Country AVA was established in 1991. It is a testament to the region’s longstanding tradition and blossoming future in viticulture. Encompassing a vast area of central Texas, it has the distinction of being the second-largest AVA in the United States, spanning over 9 million acres. The area’s unique topography and microclimates create an ideal environment for a variety of grape types to thrive, leading to the rich and diverse wine portfolio the region enjoys today. Pioneering wineries set down roots in this fertile ground, blending tradition with innovation, and have since laid the foundation for a vibrant wine community that continues to grow and evolve. This historical backdrop sets the stage for an exciting wine tourism journey that connects the past with the present.

The Cru’s Favorite Wineries

Even though there are over 60 wineries in this AVA, we could only choose a few to highlight in this article! Here are some of SipCru’s favorite wineries in Texas Hill Country AVA.


Photo Courtesy of Map Roadtrippers

Though among the newer entrants in Texas’ wine scene, Aisis’ele quickly distinguishes itself with its meticulous approach to winemaking and dedication to crafting distinctive, memorable wines. This boutique vineyard invites visitors to savor the subtle complexities of its varietals in a serene setting. 

Becker Vineyards

Photo Courtesy of Shelia365

This vineyard is a pioneer in the Texas wine industry and has been around since the 1990s. They have carved out a reputation for producing award-winning wines that beautifully express the character of the local terroir. Their Lavender Fest, featuring aromatic fields alongside the vineyard, provides a sensory experience that complements their exquisite portfolio of wines. (Make sure to take a Claritin if you have allergies like me!) A visit here offers not just a tasting experience but a journey into the heart of Texas winemaking tradition.


Photo Courtesy of Hilamy Cellars

Hilmy Cellars focuses on the principle that wine is born in the vineyard. Their dedication to sustainable practices and hands-on vineyard management is reflected in the quality of their wines. They offer a range of varietals from crisp whites to robust reds. Hilmy celebrates the diversity of flavors that can be coaxed from the land with careful, loving attention.

Lewis Wines

Photo Courtesy of Lewis Wines

A true gem in the Texas wine landscape! Lewis Wines stands out for its commitment to 100% Texas-grown grapes. This winery is a testament to the potential of the local viticulture, producing wines that are distinctly Texan in spirit and character. Their innovative approach and focus on Spanish and Portuguese grapes make their wines a must-try for those looking to explore the depth of Texas terroir.

Lost Draw – William Chris Vineyards

Photo Courtesy of KXAN

The partnership between Lost Draw Cellars and William Chris Vineyards epitomizes the collaborative spirit of the Texas wine community. These two establishments share a dedication to expressing the unique characteristics of their vineyards through minimal intervention winemaking. Their joint tasting room provides an intimate setting to explore the fruits of this collaboration. It also highlights the best of what Texas soils have to offer.

Texas Wine Collective

Photo Courtesy of Texas Wine Collective 

A collective space by several noteworthy Texas wineries. The Texas Wine Collective is an innovative space designed to offer visitors a comprehensive tasting experience. Featuring a rotating selection from its member wineries, the Collective is a one-stop shop for those looking to dive deep into the richness of Texas wine culture.

The wineries in the Texas Hill Country AVA welcome both wine experts and newcomers. Each vineyard stands out with its own style and special wines, adding to the rich variety of wine culture here. With so many different wines to try and beautiful places to see, spring is the perfect time to explore what Texas vineyards have to offer. Whether you’re interested in eco-friendly wine production, the cozy feel of small vineyards, or the teamwork behind Texas wine, there’s a whole world of wine experiences ready for you to discover.

For more information on planning your visit and the individual wineries, the Texas Hill Country Wineries website is an invaluable resource, offering insight, event calendars, and guidance to help make your spring wine travel both memorable and deeply satisfying.



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