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A Coravin – What is it and Why use one?

I first discovered the Coravin when working at an upscale wine bar, and to be honest it has made all the difference in my wine consumption. Being a wine lover, and someone who continuously wants to learn and try more wines, this tool has helped me time and time again. A Coravin not only allows you to try more wines but keeps wine preserved as if the bottle wasn’t even opened! I use it after a long day of work when I want 1-2 glasses of wine or if I have an expensive bottle I really want to try but also still save for later. This tool allows you to taste the bottle without actually opening the bottle. So how does it work? 

The Coravin

A Coravin is kind of like the James Bond gadget of the wine world. It’s a remarkable contraption that sticks a very small needle into the cork and allows you to pour wine without removing the cork. This fine needle pierces through the cork and introduces argon gas into the bottle. This gas pressure displaces the wine, enabling it to flow gracefully into your glass while keeping the rest of the wine fresh within the bottle. After using the coravin, your bottle remains sealed and your wine stays as lively as ever for years, or whenever you want to drink it next. 

Cost and Usage 

Now, you might be thinking, okay, great. That sounds amazing, but how do you use this? How do you get one? How much does it cost? Is it really worth spending the extra money on this device? 

Save Your Wallet: I’ll tell you from personal experience that it is worth the money. As someone who has had to throw out countless half-opened bottles after they go sour, this tool has proven to be a lifesaver. While it costs a bit of money upfront, you will ultimately be saving so much by not wasting your wine! 

You can find Coravins on Amazon, and they usually go for about $200-$350. However, I’m going to let you in on my secret of how to save on one.  Last year, when I bought my Coravin, I waited until the infamous holiday right after Thanksgiving; Black Friday. I got my coravin for only $70, which ends up being just a few bottles worth of wine. For us wine lovers, this is a steal! 

How To Use One: 

Using this device is simple. It will come with the necessary tools and equipment and usually already has a gas cartridge in it. Simply remove the foil, stick the needle in the middle of your cork, push the needle down into the bottle while holding the Coravin, lift and tilt the bottle to the glass, then press the lever and the wine will start to flow. For a more in-depth version of how to use a Coravin, watch this video. 

Other Benefits of the Coravin

No Commitment Required: If you want to drink on a random Tuesday night without overdoing it, the Coravin lets you drink a glass of your favorite wine without feeling compelled to consume the entire bottle. No more hurrying or drinking the whole bottle alone just because you opened it. 

Witness Wine Evolution: All wine lovers know that wine gets finer with age. With a Coravin, the wine remains untouched, allowing you to experience its transformation over weeks, months, or even years. My favorite thing to do is Coravin a bottle and save the rest for a year later so I can compare how it tastes different with age. 

Multi-Course Pairing: Using a Coravin for dinner allows you to have a 5-star meal in the comfort of your own home. Just think, instead of finding one bottle that goes with every course, you don’t have to choose. Go white with your appetizer, red with your main course, and perhaps a sweet dessert wine to cap it off – your culinary adventures have no bounds when the wine will always stay fresh. 

A Fun Party Trick: If you’re a wine connoisseur, a Coravin is your secret weapon for impressing friends and fellow enthusiasts. You can showcase your wine collection and enjoy a variety of wines while wowing everyone. Not many people know what a Coravin is, so it’s a conversation starter!

The Coravin is a game-changer for wine lovers everywhere. Whether you’re a casual wine sipper or a dedicated oenophile, a Coravin can elevate your wine-drinking experience, making it more enjoyable, convenient, and economical! 



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