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Podcasts and Books for the Ever-Curious Wine Lover

The world of wine is vast, complex, and endlessly fascinating. For those with a wine curiosity, the journey into wine’s depths can be almost as intoxicating as the drink itself. Fortunately, we have so many resources to learn that will help us understand how this wonderful beverage works. Whether you’re a beginner or just starting to learn about wine, these books and podcasts will help you learn and grow as a wine enthusiast. Here is a curated list of must-listen podcasts and books for wine lovers.

Podcasts to Sip By

1. Wine Enthusiast Podcast

Dive into the world of wine with Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s podcast. It covers everything from wine trends, interviews with winemakers, and insights into wine regions.

2. I’ll Drink to That! Talking Wine with Levi Dalton

Former sommelier Levi Dalton hosts this deep-dive into the people, places, and history behind the wine. Each episode feels like an intimate conversation with leaders in the wine world.

3. The Guild of Sommeliers Wine Podcast:

 This critically acclaimed series offers a scholarly approach, making complex wine topics both understandable and engaging. It’s perfect for those aiming to deepen their wine knowledge.

4. Wine for Normal People

As the name suggests, this podcast demystifies the sometimes intimidating world of wine, making it accessible and fun for everyone. Host Elizabeth Schneider brings a relatable and humorous touch to wine education.

5. The UK Wine Show

Focusing on the rapidly evolving UK wine scene, this podcast offers interviews with winemakers, tasting notes, and insight into the future of wine in and out of Britain.

6.Swirl Suite

The voice of people of color within the wine industry has been a topic that’s been growing in importance over the past year. Swirl Suite covers a wide variety of wine topics with industry pros from a point of view that is too often ignored.

7. The Stories Behind Wine

This narrative-driven podcast explores the untold stories of the wine world. It’s a deep dive into the history, culture, and people that have shaped the global appreciation of wine.

8. Matthew’s World of Wine and Drink

This podcast is run by Matthew Gaughan who is DipWSET certified. His content is best for WSET students and those looking to become sommeliers. Each episode dives into quick, specific topics that cover regions, grapes, history, culture, and more. 

Books to Uncork

1. “The Wine Bible” by Karen MacNeil: 

This comprehensive guide is essential for anyone looking to expand their wine knowledge. With detailed profiles of major wine regions and grapes, it’s an authoritative resource.

2. “Wine Folly: The Master Guide” by Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack: 

A visual feast that simplifies complex wine topics with easy-to-understand graphics. It’s perfect for visual learners.

3. “The World Atlas of Wine” by Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson: 

This beautifully illustrated atlas provides detailed maps of wine regions and critical insights into local grapes and wine-making practices.

4. “The Sommelier’s Atlas of Taste” by Rajat Parr and Jordan Mackay: 

This book offers a unique perspective from a master sommelier, exploring the nuances of European wines and what makes them distinctive.

5. “Cork Dork” by Bianca Bosker: 

A narrative-driven exploration that follows Bosker’s journey into the wine industry, offering an insightful look at the obsession that drives sommeliers and wine lovers.

6. “The 24-Hour Wine Expert” by Jancis Robinson: 

A quick, informative read that aims to boost your wine knowledge exponentially in just one day, from understanding labels to food pairing.

7. “In Vino Duplicitas” by Peter Hellman: 

This gripping true story of the Rudy Kurniawan wine fraud case reads like a thriller, delving into the dark underbelly of the wine world.

8. “Adventures on the Wine Route” by Kermit Lynch: 

Lynch’s memoir on his experiences as an importer of French wines is a classic, offering vivid storytelling and invaluable insights into the wine industry.

Whether you choose to explore through your ears or through the pages of a book, these podcasts and books for wine lovers offer fascinating entry points into the world of wine. From uncovering the stories behind your favorite bottle to understanding the craftsmanship of wine-making, there’s always something new to learn for the ever-curious wine lover.



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