NewsCelebrate Easter with Unique Wines from Small Vineyards

Celebrate Easter with Unique Wines from Small Vineyards

Easter is a time of celebration, marking not only significant religious observances but also the welcoming of spring and renewal. The traditions surrounding Easter are as varied as the cultures that celebrate it, with customs ranging from egg hunts and chocolate bunnies to elaborate meals shared with family and friends. One aspect that can enhance any celebration, however, is the perfect selection of wine. This year, make your Easter gathering even more special by choosing unique wines from small vineyards. These selections not only bring exquisite tastes to your table but also support the dedicated craftsmen behind them.

Finding the Perfect Pairings

Riesling and Roast Lamb

Smith-Madrone Vineyards and Winery Spring Mountain District Riesling

A refreshing choice from California, with green apple, pear, and citrus notes, this wine pairs beautifully with a classic Easter lamb, balancing the robust flavors with a touch of sweetness.

Pinot Noir and Honey-Glazed Ham

Littorai Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

This cherry and cranberry flavored Pinot Noir, with its earthy undertones, is versatile enough to accompany ham, complementing its sweet and savory glaze.

Explore Unique Varietals

Gamay Noir – A Canadian Gem

Keint-He Vineyards Gamay Noir

For a twist on traditional reds, this Canadian wine with pepper hints and bright red fruit flavors brings something distinct to the Easter table, marrying well with a variety of side dishes.

Mourvèdre Rosé for a Spring Toast

Domaine du Gros’ Nore Bandol Rosé

With ripe strawberry flavors and a spicy undertone, this French rosé from the Mourvèdre grape is perfect for a crisp, refreshing spring toast.

Bold Choices for Hearty Meals

Australian Shiraz – A Bold Companion

Two Hands Wines Sophies Garden Shiraz

With its lush berry flavors and hint of spice, this Australian Shiraz stands up to hearty flavors, making it an ideal match for beef or lamb.

Carignan – An Earthy Selection

Horse & Plow Dry Creek Valley Carignan

Offering dark cherry and blackberry flavors with an earthy backbone, this selection is a wonderful companion to rich, flavorful dishes.

Elevate Your Easter with Unique Wines

This Easter, take the opportunity to explore wines from small vineyards. These selections are not only a testament to the artisanal craft of winemaking but also offer a unique tasting experience that can highlight the diverse ways in which Easter is celebrated. Whether your spread includes traditional dishes or you’re looking to create new traditions, complementing your meal with these distinctive wines will surely make your celebration more memorable. Here’s to an Easter filled with joy, renewal, and exceptional wine. Cheers!



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