SavorPairs WithPairs Well With: The BEST Snacks

Pairs Well With: The BEST Snacks

Pairing wine with your favorite snacks isn’t just a delightful way to elevate a simple pleasure but also a fascinating exploration of flavors and sensory experiences. Who says wine has to be enjoyed with fancy dinners and dim lit rooms?Let’s dive into an appetizing adventure that stays on your couch with Netflix and gives these indulgent snacks their spotlight. Starting with my favorite:

1. Hot Fries & Rosé

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Let’s kick off this article with the spicy mouth-burning sensation of Hot Fries (in my opinion the BEST snack). My favorite pairing to hot fries is a chilled Rosé. This combination allows you to take a break from the addicting heat and sip on a smooth and light fruit flavor that accents the intrinsic spicy. Rose has vibrant acidity and strawberry notes offer a refreshing counterbalance to each fiery crunch.

Wines to Try:

– Château d’Esclans Whispering Angel Rosé

– Miraval Rosé

– Côtes de Provence Sainte-Victoire Rosé

2. Lay’s Potato Chips & Champagne

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The unmistakable simplicity of Lay’s Potato Chips becomes so much better when accompanied by the bubbles and sophistication of Champagne. It’s no secret why this pairing works. The saltiness of the chips enhances the wine’s crisp, fruity notes, making for a playful yet refined pairing. The fat and salt in the chips almost make this pairing as good as Fried Chicken and Champagne.

Wines to Try:

– Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve

– Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée Brut

– Pol Roger Reserve Brut

3. Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn & Chablis

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A Chablis, with its unoaked Chardonnay profile, offers a perfect match for the creamy and tangy character of this addictive white cheddar popcorn. Chablis has clean, mineral qualities that harmonize with the cheese, while its acidity slices through the richness like a knife.

Wines to Try:

– William Fèvre Chablis Champs Royaux

– Jean-Marc Brocard Chablis Sainte Claire

– Domaine Servin Chablis

4. Fresh Fruit & Moscato d’Asti

Sometimes there’s nothing better than having a healthy fresh snack. The sweetness in Moscato d’Asti accentuates the natural sugars of fresh fruit, making this pair a refreshing choice. Its gentle fizz and floral aroma add a delicate elegance to every bite of fruit.

Wines to Try:

– Paolo Saracco Moscato d’Asti

– La Caudrina Moscato d’Asti

– Elio Perrone Sourgal Moscato d’Asti

5. Takis & Gewürztraminer

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The exotic, bold flavors of Takis find a soulmate in the aromatic Gewürztraminer. This wine, known for its lychee and floral notes, matches the intensity of Takis, creating a mixture of flavors where each sip and bite is a party in your mouth.

Wines to Try:

– Trimbach Gewürztraminer

– Domaine Zind-Humbrecht Gewürztraminer

– Hugel & Fils Estate Gewürztraminer

6. Tortilla Chips and Salsa & Melon Blanc

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The crispness and zest of a lively Sauvignon Blanc cut through the tangy and sometimes spicy elements of salsa, while complementing the earthy, corn flavors of tortilla chips. This pairing is a testament to how contrasting flavors can come together to elevate simple pleasures.

Wines to Try:

– Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

– Dog Point Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc

– Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc

7. Chocolate-Covered Pretzels & Ruby Port

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The interplay of salty and sweet in chocolate-covered pretzels yearns for a companion like Ruby Port. This wine’s rich, berry-like sweetness and velvety mouthfeel embrace the complexity of the snack, resulting in a divine indulgence.

Wines to Try:

– Graham’s Six Grapes Reserve Port

– Dow’s Fine Ruby Port

– Fonseca Bin 27 Fine Reserve Port

8. Extra Cripsy Cheese Itz & Pinot Noir

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The salty, cheesy, and slightly spicy nature of Cheese Itz aligns harmoniously with the fruit-forward and earthy qualities of Pinot Noir. The wine’s subtle complexity and smooth finish make it a versatile pairing that highlights the snack’s flavored profile.

Wines to Try:

– Erath Oregon Pinot Noir

– Meiomi Pinot Noir

– La Crema Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

9. Oreos & Zinfandel

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The rich, creamy center and chocolatey biscuit of Oreos deserve a wine that can match their boldness. The lush fruit and spice of a Zinfandel does just that, enhancing the cocoa while standing up to the sweetness, creating an unexpectedly perfect match.

Wines to Try:

– Ridge Vineyards Zinfandel

– Turley Juvenile Zinfandel

– Seghesio Sonoma Zinfandel

Indulging in your favorite snacks while discovering their wine counterparts is not just about taste—it’s about creating memories and awakening your senses to new dimensions of enjoyment. Each pair invites you to savor the moment, explore different textures, and revel in the joy of taste made more profound by the perfect wine. Whether you’re enjoying a solo treat or sharing these pairings with friends, the magic of combining the simple with the sophisticated promises a delightful adventure in every bite and sip. Cheers to crafting your epicurean narrative, one snack (and sip) at a time!



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